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Taken from published reports.

Man trapped while trimming tree

A South Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, man had to be rescued from a tree August 1, 2010, after his hand became lodged between the tree and a fallen limb. The unidentified man was trimming branches near the top of a tree at his home when one of the limbs fell, trapping his hand between it and a V-shaped portion of the tree. The limb that fell was approximately 6 inches in diameter. Firefighters used aerial ladders on two trucks to reach the man. The victim was taken by ambulance to an area hospital, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Trimmer injured in a fall

A tree trimmer was seriously injured in a fall on the job in Rowlett, Texas, August 2, 2010. The worker reportedly had fallen at least 20 feet. Emergency workers reportedly performed CPR on the victim and moved him to a nearby school parking lot so a helicopter air ambulance could land and retrieve him. The extent of his injuries was unknown, according to FOX 4 News.

Tree service worker dies after fall

A tree service worker died August 3, 2010, from injuries suffered after falling 35 feet from a tree he was trimming at a residence in River Edge, New Jersey.

Police found Baltazar Santana, 48, of Newark, who worked for a local tree care company, lying on the ground and not breathing. Two officers were able to open an airway in Santana’s neck until an ambulance arrived. Santana was taken to Hackensack Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, according to The Record.

Trimmer stung by bee swarm

A man was stung as many as 150 times by Africanized honeybees August 7, 2010, in Safety Harbor, Florida. Ralph St. Peter and co-worker Michael Foster, who swatted the bees off St. Peter with his bare hands and also was stung, were taken to a local hospital. Doctors kept St. Peter overnight before releasing him.

St. Peter, 44, of Weeki Wachee, Fla., who claimed he has been around trees for 30 years and that he is a certified arborist, has his own tree care company and contracts out to others, which is what he was doing when the bees came out of one of the dead oaks he was removing. The owner had apparently told him there was a nest of honeybees. He told the St. Petersburg Times he thought there were only 200 or so domestic bees, not 50,000 Africanized ones.

St. Peter leaned a ladder against a tree and climbed to the top. He attached a safety line to his body so he could rappel down the tree in the event a swarm of bees emerged. His line got stuck in the limbs when the swarm emerged. He screamed to his colleagues for help, but the bees would go in his mouth. His co-workers finally gave him a knife to cut himself loose and he was able to flee the tree.

The next day, St. Peter returned to finish the job, but probably wished he hadn’t after a felled tree went the wrong way and took out a power line.

Man dies after fall from tree

A 60-year-old man died August 05, 2010, after he fell from a tree that he was trimming on a property he owned in Lexington Township, Ohio.

Donald Papes was trimming a tree with a chain saw around 2 p.m. when he lost his balance and footing and fell out of the tree, sustaining fatal head and chest injuries. He was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a larger hospital, where he was pronounced dead later that night, according to The Repository.

Trimmer electrocuted

A man was hospitalized in critical condition after he received a severe electrical shock while trimming a tree August 6, 2010, in Chicago, Illinois. The man was believed to be a private tree trimmer.

A woman who saw the whole incident and called for help reported that she “saw fire come out of his head and his feet. Then, he did begin to move, and he was able to climb down himself,” according to a WLS-TV Channel 7 report.

Bucket operator struck by limb

A man was injured August 6, 2010, after he was hurt trimming a tree in Sumter County, Florida. A large limb fell and hit the man while he was in a bucket.

The bucket was lowered and the man was rescued and flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center, according to a WESH Channel 2 report.

Worker uses tree to escape fire

A tree-service worker escaped injury August 6, 2010, in Lacey, New Jersey, when a company truck caught fire while he was in the aerial bucket. Police and the firefighters found the boom truck fully engulfed by flames. The worker was in the bucket when the truck caught fire, but grabbed the tree he was cutting and slid 35 feet to the ground, according to an Asbury Park Press report.

The fire company extinguished the blaze. The worker was not identified and there were no injuries reported. Indications are that leaking hydraulic fluid ignited on the truck’s hot engine.

Trimmer electrocuted by power line

Mark E. Thomas, 30, of Jefferson City, Missouri, was electrocuted Aug 9, 2010, while trimming a tree at a residence near Millersburg, Mo. It appears a chain saw Thomas was using while he was standing in an elevated bucket may have cut into a service line.

Thomas was a foreman and had been employed by the same firm for the last seven years. His company was a subcontractor on the tree trimming job to trim limbs away from power lines. Thomas was one of a two-member work crew that was trimming trees when he was electrocuted.

Emergency medical workers were not successful in reviving Thomas, who was pronounced dead at the scene by a doctor from University Hospital in Columbia. Survivors include his wife, Jamie, and five children, according to The Fulton Sun.

Man dies after knocked from ladder

James Pfeiffer Jr., 30, was trimming an oak tree in front of his Mountainside, New Jersey, home August 22, 2010, when a branch snapped, swung down and struck the ladder he was standing on. Pfeiffer fell to the ground, landing on his head. Rushed to University Hospital in Newark, he was pronounced dead that night.

Pfeiffer was a decorated Westfield, N.J., firefighter, according to The Star-Ledger.

Teen electrocuted trimming trees

A Fairfax, Virginia, teenager died August 24, 2010, while using a power saw to trim trees. The teenager was working about 10 feet from a power line, according to WTOP and Channel 9 TV reports. Current from a 19,000-volt distribution line may have passed through a tree branch to the boy’s body. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

Submitted by Preston A. Leyshon at PLANET in Woodbine, Maryland.

Tree falls on landscaper, killing him

A tree being removed on an Avon, Ohio, golf course fell on the owner of a landscaping service Aug 24, 2010, killing him. Guy

P. Goodman, 42, of LaGrange, Ohio, was killed instantly by blunt force trauma and crush injuries to his head, neck and body.

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